Port Lewes is a condominium community of 120 units whose owners are
proud of our community and strongly desire to preserve its attractive
appearance.  To keep it a pleasant place for recreation for you, yours and those
around you, please observe the following:

UNIT CAPACITY – A City of Lewes ordinance restricts unit capacity to 6 - 8
persons only.

• Extra cars are to be parked in the overflow parking areas only. Large boats,
campers, etc. may be parked temporarily in the overflow parking, with prior
approval by the Resident Manager.
Vehicles parked in “NO PARKING or FIRE ZONES” are subject to towing at
vehicle owner’s expense.
 Temporary exceptions may be allowed with
permission of Resident Manager.

• Railings and stairs are to remain clear of draped towels, and any forms of
decoration (ex. bird feeders, chimes, party lights, planters).
• Covered grills that are gas-fired only may be placed on decks. Charcoal grills
may be used, but only if placed on the ground.

• Only small boats, that can be manually launched, are allowed on the beach
area.  Landing or launching of JET SKIS from our beach is PROHIBITED.
• Storage of small boats (under 15 ft.) is permitted under the rear deck or in
the carport area if on a trailer. They must not extend beyond the above deck
drip line.
• All boats must be labeled with the Unit Number if stored at the beach or in the
storage racks at the beach.
• A public launch ramp for larger boats is available at the end of Pilottown Road
in Lewes.

• For safety and insurance reasons, the pool is never open to Unit Owners,
Guests or Renters unless a certified lifeguard is present.
• Anyone present within the pool area when the gates are locked will be
considered Trespassers and the police will be called.

all City Beaches, including the Port Lewes beach.  

• Pets are allowed only with Unit Owner’s written consent.  A City of Lewes
ordinance provides that all dogs must be leashed when outside, including Port
Lewes property.
• Use the “Doggie Trail” to the left of the pier or the area on the eastern
property adjacent to Cape Shores.  Dog owners are expected to remove their
dog’s excrement from our Community Grounds.
• Delaware State Law and Lewes City ordinances PROHIBIT dogs on swimming
and sunbathing beaches from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM, May 1 through September

BICYCLES, SKATEBOARDS, etc. are restricted to paved roadways and may not
be used on the pavilion, pier or tennis courts.

• Garbage collection (in green City of Lewes trash cart) is early Monday and
Thursday (July through Labor Day) and Monday only in off season.
• Recycled trash (in blue/yellow topped City of Lewes trash cart) is picked up
every Monday (July 1 through Labor Day) and every other Monday only in off
• Place all trash carts beyond the unit carport deck support post for pickup.

QUESTIONS: Contact Mr. Kevin Keller, Resident Manager, Unit #70, at

• Regarding concerns about excess noise, parking, or other violations in
neighboring units or common areas.

                                                               PORT LEWES COUNCIL
Port Lewes Rules