Port Lewes is a community of
condominium townhomes overlooking
the Delaware Bay in the charming and
historic town of Lewes, Delaware.   
Closer to the metropolitan areas of
Wilmington, Washington and Baltimore
than Ocean City or Rehoboth Beach.  
Port Lewes reflects the nature of
Southern Delaware.

Port Lewes includes a protected
harbor, tennis courts, a swimming pool,
beach, and fishing pier – all only 1/8 of
a mile from the quiet, uncrowded beach
on the  Delaware Bay and within
walking distance of the Atlantic Ocean
or downtown Lewes and Lewes Beach.  
The adjacent State Park ensures the
privacy and untouched natural beauty
of the surrounding land.
There are excellent sailing conditions,
beaches for swimming, surf fishing,
sunbathing, crabbing and fishing, as
well as miles of dunes and beaches at
nearby Cape Henlopen State Park.  
Lewes and the surrounding area offer
something for everyone.  The area is
perfect for hiking, biking, golfing and
horseback riding.  There are scenic
nature walks and an abundance of
historic sightseeing is available.

Come for the summer and stay all
year … like the early explorers, you
too may feel you’ve discovered a new
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Port Lewes COVID-19 Disclaimer
As is the case with any facility outside of your home, use of the facilities at Port Lewes may
expose you to the COVID-19 virus. Your decision to access Port Lewes facilities is made
knowingly and voluntarily by you with full knowledge of this risk.  

If you do decide to come to Port Lewes, your use of these facilities shall mean that you are
accepting the risks associated with the COVID-19 virus, have read and agree to all of our
rules and protocols as they relate to COVID-19 and acknowledge that Port Lewes is not
responsible should you contract the virus.  

It is presumed that Port Lewes Owners, Guests and Renters will make their own
assessment of the associated risks of coming to Port Lewes and will act accordingly.

Port Lewes Council